Studying abroad in University of Chile

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About the University

Apart from experiencing the international academic environment at the Master's Level, simple immersion in the lively city of the Chilean capitol, Santiago, makes the two years abroad quite delightful. Populated by almost 6 million habitants, Santiago is by far one of the safest cities in all of Latin America, allowing international students to travel the entire country by bus or by plane in complete safety.

Whether you find yourself interested in Latin American, US, European or Asian politics, or other details like the World Trade Organization and United Nations, Santiago in itself tends to have a wide array of academic outlets for students looking to find extracurricular activities, such as a seminars and international conferences. On a daily basis, the social and economic stability in Chile allows for students to diversify their interests and participation with easy access to museums, soccer games, and concerts of all kinds.

As an international student in the University of Chile, one has access to multiple libraries, a student ID card for discounts, health and gymnasium facilities. As a member of our Institute, one has access to other Institutes with discounts in language training, including French and German. Our university has 25,000 undergraduate students, 4,000 post-graduate, and over 1,000 international students that contribute to its diversity.

While our Institute is definitely an integral part of the University here in Santiago, physically we work and teach our classes in our own separate institute, allowing both students and faculty to work more privately in our own library and with our own computers. Our academic year consists of two semesters, 18 weeks each, all of which starts each year in March and ends in December, leaving you three months of vacation before starting your second year.



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