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The Institute
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Founded in 1966, the Institute of International Studies of the University of Chile is an autonomous educational and research center in the field of international relations, covering political, legal, economic and historical spheres. It was one of the first centers in Latin America to dedicate itself specifically to international studies.

The Institute for International Studies (IEI, according to its acronym in Spanish) is an interdisciplinary graduate center, leader in research, teaching and analysis of international relations, political science, history and international economics.

Founded in the sixties, the IEI was the first interdisciplinary institute to be established by the University of Chile, the country’s oldest public education institution, that received its first student in 1842.

Since 1967, the IEI has also been publishing "Estudios Internacionales", an analytical and research publication as well as one of the region’s oldest initiatives in the field.

The IEI’s academic staff is composed of highest level scholars and researchers, an interdisciplinary team that will qualify you to fully appreciate the regional and international reality by applying analytical thinking and supplying you with different approaches to the same problem.

For applications and further information, please write to:

The Director, Graduate School of International Studies
Instituto de Estudios Internacionales, Universidad de Chile
P.O. Box 14187 - Suc. 21
Santiago - Chile

Ph.: +562 29772800


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